Potter in the Park is a Fan Festival put on by the Sparta Events Department of the Sparta Chamber of Commerce in Sparta Michigan. This event is meant to celebrate the Harry Potter Series written by J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Entertainment. This is a completely fan created festival, managed by a 501c3 non profit, run by volunteers, and supports other non profits and activities in the operating area. Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not associated with or responsible for this event.

This event has a wide variety of fun activities including free make and takes, stage performances, and ticketed events including Quidditch training, rubber ruck racing, herbology, and much more. Potter in the Park is fun for the whole family! 

The Sparta Events Department has partnered with various organizations to find ways to give back to the community. If you are interested in learning more about Charity opportunities available a Potter in the Park, please visit our Donations page.


Q: Why did the name changed from Potter in the Park to Spellbound? 

A: We wanted to start including more series, such as Narnia, into the event. The event is still Harry Potter based.

Q: How much are tickets?

A: General event ONLINE tickets: $15 per person, $50 for 4 person. Kids 5 and under free, but they will need to get a free ticket online.  Stopping online sales when sold out OR the Sunday prior to the event 6 pm. GATE TICKETS are $20 per person; give and under free.  $60 for 4 people. 

Q: Do people who buy their tickets online get first entry?

A: Yes, those who bought tickets online can enter at noon.  Those who purchase tickets onsite can enter at 1 pm and later.

Q: Will we sell tickets at the gate?

A: Yes, until the park is at capacity. Only guaranteed entry is with ticket purchased online. 

Q: Will I be provided instruction on entering the event?

A: When it gets closer, an owl with instructions will arrive at the mailing address provided on your Eventbrite registration.


Q: What will entrance to the event look like?

A: Same as last year. Enter through the Civic Center parking lot off union street. Pre-banding for online will begin at 11 am in the line. 

Q: When will Quidditch, Herbology, House Sorting, and The Platform 9 ¾ Walk tickets will go on sale? 

A: Late March. These events are LIMITED and WILL SELL OUT.  EVERY AGE needs to purchase a ticket for Quidditch and Herbology, even under 5.  Quidditch will not allow Under 6 years old to play.   A waiver is required to participate in the Quidditch match for anyone under 18 by a legal parent and guardian.  The form is attached to the Eventbrite registration. The Platform 9 ¾ Walk is Co-Sponsored with the Sparta Lions Club. 

Q: Do I need a general entry ticket to participate in Quidditch, Herbology, and House Sorting?

A: Yes, you have to have a PARK ticket to participate in  Qudditch, Herbology, and House Sorting.

Q: How can I participate in House Sorting?

A: House sorting tickets will be separate and available online or at event.  Cash only at event.


Q: How do I get house points? 

A: All activities do count toward house points. House points must be checked in at the House Points Tent.

Q: Where do I bring my donations?

A: Charitable donations will be collected at appropriate booths onsite. 


Q: How much are ducks?

A: $10 each, racing ducks to benefit now playing for kids. Able to purchase online or at the event. Cash only ducks at the event.

Q: Can I use my credit card at the Wands and Wizards Emporium?

A: Vendors may or may not accept credit cards; Entrance/ducks are cash only.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: This year we are allowing dogs WITH a leash. Owners are required to clean up after their animal. Dogs CAN be in costume.

Q: Can I where a costume?

A: Yes! Costumes are encouraged!

Q: Will there be food available?

A: Yes. There will be one food vendor in the park. All other food will be in the food truck rally. Wrist band is required for re-entry.

Q: Will there be Vegetarian or Gluten Free options?

A: Yes, in the food truck rally.

Q: Do I need a general event ticket to enter the food truck rally?

A:  No, the food truck rally does not require a ticket.

Q: Will there be alcohol at the event?

A: There will be an area allocated to alcohol consumption. All alcohol will be contained in that location. 

Q: Where is the nearest ATM?

A: There is an ATM at the south side of the food truck rally, at the back lane of ChoiceOne Bank.

Q: Is there a lost and found / information booth at the event?

A: There will be a lost and found / information booth located near the entrance. 

Q: Is there a hotel in Sparta that I can stay at?

A: There is no hotel located in Sparta, but here is a list of the nearest hotels

Q: Where is the nearest campground located?

A: The nearest campground is Duke Creek in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

Q: Are there restaurants nearby to eat at?

A: Yes! Here is list of our local restaurants

Q: Will there be activities outside of the park?

A: Yes. There will be fee based activities taking place outside the park limits such as Trivia, Broom Races, vendors, Walk up Painting. These events will be cash only.

Q: How will I be notified of updates leading up the event?

A: Regular Facebook updates will be done at www.facebook.com/potterinthepark.

On June 26th, 1997 we began to learn the story of the boy who lived. Please join us on Saturday June 22nd to celebrate the story of Harry Potter.

Note: This is a completely fan created festival, managed by a 501c3 non profit, run by volunteers, and supports other non profits and activities in the operating area. Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not associated with or responsible for this event.


T: (616) 887 - 2454

E: harrypotterinthepark.sca@gmail.com

Sparta, Michigan 49345