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How to Become One with the Magical World at Sparta’s Potter in the Park In Six Simple Steps

Step 1. Dress Like a Wizard

If you truly want to feel like you have just stepped off the Hogwarts Express and entered the wizarding world, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you dress the part. If you walk in looking like a Muggle, chances are you will feel like a Muggle. To avoid this, many young witches and wizards take the traditional route and wear their robes while supporting their house colors. However, if you want to take a craftier approach, you may dress as your favorite character from the Harry Potter series.

Step 2. Be Cunning Like a Malfoy

The Malfoy’s truly knew how to play the game. And while we can’t encourage you to follow their life choices, we can help you to be inspired by their sharp and slick thinking. Sharp and slick like their hair. Make sure you arrive to the event early if you want to participate in the free activities. Supplies are limited, and once they run out, the activity will be over. So if you want to take home a free magical creation, be sure that you arrive early to be first in line.

Step 3. Feast Like a Weasley

All great witches and wizards need their energy to be able to use magic like they do and the best way to get that energy is through great food. Just look at Ron! No matter how hard times got, he always made sure that he had his stomach full! Luckily for you, there will be a Tri-Wizard Food Truck Tournament nearby! Look for our local pubs downtown or Trois Broomsticks in the park if you’re seeking something more magical to drink. Don’t worry about not being able to get back into the park. Once you have your wristband, you will be able to enter and leave the park as much as you desire!

Step 4. Think Like a Granger

It is no secret that Hermione was the brightest witch of her age and you might want to take notes on her study habits, they may come in handy! At Potter in the Park, you will be able to compete for House Points. One of the many ways to earn house points is through the answering of Harry Potter trivia questions. So take it from Hermione and do some light reading to brush up on your knowledge of the series!

Step 5. Have Courage like a Longbottom

To be a great witch or wizard, you must display a great deal of courage. Neville was one of the bravest wizards to note. He stood up for what was right in the hardest times and always faced his fears. Take a chance and conquer your fears by entering the Chamber of Secrets. Hold creatures that you would have never imagined holding before. You can even conquer your fears by taking flight and learning to play quidditch with the Grand Valley Grindylows. There are many opportunities for you to show your courage at Potter in the Park!

Step 6. Fight Like a Potter

The final step you can take to fully immerse yourself into the magical world at Potter in the Park is to fight for other in need. Harry always fought for those who didn’t have the power to fight for themselves against the dark forces and you can too. Potter in the Park offers many opportunities for you to help others. Donate sock for the “Free Dobby to Help the Homeless Sock Drive”. Give a Celebration Cinema Gift Card or participate in the Arthur Weasley Duck Race and provide opportunities to Now Playing For Kids. Sweeten the pot with some Kitten and Cat food for the Fantastic Beasts at Michele’s Rescue or a dog chew toy to help Defend Against the Dark Arts at K9 Camo Rescue. Bestow a monetary donation to Madame Pomfrey’s Medical Charms & Healing Magic to support Extra Life For Kids. Whatever you choose, please take the time to find your own way to help those in need in your local wizarding community.


In June 2016, Potter in the Park was created to celebrate the joys and legacy of everything Harry Potter. Now, four years later, we here at Potter in the Park have decided to expand the event to encompass fandoms of all shapes and sizes. Not Myself Day is a day for everyone to come, not as they are, but as they dream to be in their wildest imagination. 

Note: This is a completely fan created festival, managed by a 501c3 non profit, run by volunteers, and supports other non profits and activities in the operating area. Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not associated with or responsible for this event.


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